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Hide Trayicon

To save space in the systray, you can run opera with the -notrayicon parameter.

opera -notrayicon

Disable Mailsystem

To save some memory footprint, you can disable the mail module in Opera.

opera -nomail

Cleanup caches

Opera accumulates several Megabytes on caches, esp. those, who don't cleanup themselves such as the favicon cache. Use this little script to clean up files which haven't been read in the past 14 days from the 3 dirs: cache4, images and opcache:

{% highlight bash %}


OPERADIR=~/.opera OPERACLEANDIRS="cache4 images opcache"

for OPERACDIR in $OPERACLEANDIRS; do DIR=$OPERADIR/$OPERACDIR echo $DIR find $DIR -atime +14 -exec rm {} \; done

{% endhighlight %}

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