Prompt with 2 directories


To only show the last 2 directories in prompt, there are two scripts at the Muffin Research Labs. The best one would be this:

{% highlight bash %}

function PWD { tmp=${PWD%//}; [ ${#tmp} -gt 0 -a "$tmp" != "$PWD" ] && echo \<${PWD:${#tmp}+1} || echo $PWD; }

{% endhighlight %}

Add this to .bash_profile and replace \w by $(PWD) (note the parents!) in your PS1 line in that file.

A more comfort version which replaces the home directory by a tilde, is the following. I changed the function name to PWD2 to highlight the difference to the normal PWD variable.

{% highlight bash %}

function PWD2 { xpwd=${PWD/$HOME/"~"}; tmp=${xpwd%//}; [ ${#tmp} -gt 0 -a "$tmp" != "$xpwd" ] && echo «${xpwd:${#tmp}+1} || echo $xpwd; }

{% endhighlight %}


The zsh has this feature built-in. Use this to show only 2 parts of the PWD:


This says: If %~ (the prompt incl. replacements such as ~ for homedir) has 3 or more parts, show «. After that show 2 parts of %~.

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