Compile wx.NET

wx.NET is a wxWidgets-wrapper for Mono. The compilation is not really straight-forward as one is used to.

  1. download the wx.NET-...-Source.tgz file and unpack it into a folder

  2. make sure you have the following packages installed (as of Ubuntu Karmic): libwxgtk2.6-dev, mono-mcs, libmono-system-data1.0-cil and maybe some more, but these few were missing from my all-i-needed install

  3. go to Build/Linux and rename the file to

  4. edit that file and do the following changes: (Leave the rest as it is.)

    INCLUDE_STC = no
    # WXW_SOURCE_DIR = $(HOME)/packages/wx-widgets-2.6.4
  5. go to Build/Common and edit the file wx-config-helper: Comment out line #241 so that it looks like this:

    # SDie("output of '$wx_cmd' did not contain a -L/path/to/wx-widgets/lib/directory flag; are you sure wxWidgets has been built?") if ($wx_out !~ m#-L/#);
  6. now go back to Build/Linux and run:

    make wxnet-core
  7. find your library in Bin/wx.NET.dll

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